Time in Kigali Rwanda

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bears for Baby(s)

It's been awhile since I posted anything... let alone a picture. But, I thought the blog was getting a bit blah. So, here is a cute picture of Kelton and Oliver with the bears that they won at a carnival game awhile ago and have decided to save for their baby sisters. These bears sit on a shelf in our room along with the baby clothes that grandma Betty has sent out (she sent some adorable outfits this week). I have contemplated converting a room in our home to a baby room several times now. But, we decided to hold off. Although it seems like we have been waiting awhile now we realize that once we get the referral and then have to wait another couple of months before we get to hold our babies... those are going to be the hardest months of waiting. So... we are going to wait to put the baby room together until we have the referral so that we have something to do that helps bide that time between referral and travel. And, these beautiful bears are each going to have special places in that very special room. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Are On the Waitlist!

It's official. Our dossier is out of our hands and on its way to the Rwandan Embasssy. According to our agency this means we are officially on the waitlist for a child (or children) referral. We are hoping its children, but whatever God wants for us will be an exciting blessing!

Whew! What a paperwork process. To all of the families that are out there in the paperwork phase... YOU CAN DO IT!

To all of everyone else who has been praying through this process so far with us, THANK YOU, your prayers are so much appreciated. But... please don't stop now! We still need your prayers so that we can get there and bring our baby(s) home safe and sound. In the meantime there is a good chance our girl(s) are already sitting in an orphanage in Rwanda so we would love your prayers for their health (physical and emotional), etc.

The agency is still unsure of how long we will wait from here on out. We are following the one other family that is on the waitlist, besides us, right now, they have been waiting about two months, and seem to be getting closer to a referral (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) so with any amount of favor it could be about that same time frame for us as well (2 plus months from now). Once we have a referral and officially accept it, then things have to process through the Rwandan court system before we set our travel dates. So... we are still thinking the possibilities are good for traveling sometime early summer. But again, no guarantees... it could take longer.

It seems like every day now the boys make comments about their baby sisters. Kelton wants to get bunk beds so there is room in his and Oliver's room for cribs :)

Love to all!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm so excited I can hardly type! Our approval letter came from CIS today. We're waking up early to get the last few papers notarized and will overnight everything to our agency who will send our dossier the Rwandan Embassy! Next step... approval from the Rwandan Embassy... typically a three to four week process!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a little

So we received just a little bit of encouragement today!!!! Our home study agent got a call from CIS with a question about our application. The question got resolved and the CIS worker told our agent that he was working on the approval and hopes to have it to us by next week. Hooray!!!! None the less we aren't 'counting our chickens before they are hatched' :) and are gonna keep praying for the paperwork to come through FOR SURE. If it is here next week we plan to overnight it to the Rwandan embassy in the US where it will process for a few weeks before going to Rwanda!

Been awhile.

Ok, so it's been awhile since I've posted anything, and that's probably because there really isn't a whole lot to post. No news from CIS yet. We just keep on waiting for that one simple approval letter to come in so we can move forward and get our paperwork in the hands of Rwanda! Every day I get a few butterflies in my stomach about time the mail is suppossed to be delivered and every day there is no mail from CIS. Oh well, I am chalking it all up to God's pruning process :) Hopefully soon... very soon I will walk out to the box and behold the long awaited approval letter will be there!