Time in Kigali Rwanda

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Big things this week

Our sale of stuff has ended. We did well! Should be able to get a nice check in the mail to pay for a portion of our last half of adoption fees. Our life has been a rollercoaster the last several months between adoption and various work and personal issues. Along the way I am learning just how soverign God is and how little I have to worry about if I am confidently residing in his presence. I feel as though this is going to be a good week. I would love to have good news of the adoption... like an approval... but either way it will be a good week because God is in control and I have nothing to worry about! Thinking of babies in Rwanda more and more... wondering how God will fit all the pieces of our crazy life together in the next few months... can't wait to share stories of how He did! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sale and stuff

Well... not much news on the adoption front. I did speak with our agency yesterday (thank you agency for being patient with me!) and as expected there wasn't much of an update. Our caseworker in Rwanda checked in earlier this week and the ministers office in Rwanda just said that they have a few files to review ahead of ours and they will notify us by email when our approval is completed. So... we wait.

In the meantime we are having a huge sale of our stuff this weekend. Its a Fri, Sat, Sun sale and we have a lot of stuff!!! As i am going through everything I realize how ridiculous having all this stuff is, and how unnecessary most of it is. Why in the world would I NEED 3 sets of bowls? Why do I have more than 3 coats? Why do my kids need 2 toyboxes full of stuff they hardly ever play with. Don't even get me started on all my unnecessary shoes. The list of unnecessaries goes on. We are so spoiled in America and the sooner we can stop thinking of our stuff and start considering the needs of others the better we'll be. I'm not very good at being humble but I do want to be more obsessed with Jesus and doing so makes me realize how much I have... and how much I have to help others, both in my neighborhood and across the ocean.

I'm excited to get rid of stuff. It will feel good when we are done. Hopefully we can make enough from our sale to both: give to at least one family in need and make a dent in our plane ticket prices to Africa. :)

Until next week...

Friday, April 17, 2009

3 months and counting

Hi all.
No major updates this week. As expected we haven't heard anything about the adoption. All we know is that our paperwork is at the government office in Rwanda and someday someone will look at it and hopefully approve us to adopt from there :)

You'll notice from our time ticker that we officially passed the three month mark in our process. We officially began this journey at the end of August, but all of our paperwork was done and off to the US's Rwandan embassy for approval in January, (which is why we say we have been officially on the waitlist since then). The last three months has gone quickly in some regards, and has seemed like forever in others. I remember having similar emotions when I was pregnant with my oldest. Thinking... "I'm I ever going to get to meet this child", and at the same time "Wow I can't believe I've already been pregnant for 8 months."

Like pregnancy there is a lot of anxiety, anticipation, and emotions and we just have to roll with it all. Unlike pregnancy this process will take longer, we seem to have a lot less control over things, and there isn't a definitive due date. We speculate and wish but that's about all we can do.

Patients. It's a whole nother beast when it comes to this process. But, it will all be worth it someday.

Be in prayer for our process. We would like things to move along but also need prayer for patients :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slow and Steady

Hi all!

I really do not have any exciting news to post this week. Our file is at the Minister's office in Rwanda. Our caseworker there dropped it off last week and will check on things again next week. At this point we are anticipating a pretty slow process. But Buster and I are very ok with it taking awhile if it has to knowing that it will be the right baby(s) at the right time and for the right reasons. Of course if God wants to do a big fat miracle and rush everything along so we are traveling in the next couple of months that would be ok with us to. But, either way is the right way!

In the meantime we have soooo much on our plates right now. And when I say sooooo much it is a complete understatement. So, we would love prayers as we walk out all things involved in our life process right now! :)

Until next week....

Friday, April 3, 2009


Well it is snowing again here in South Dakota. Today will mark are third major snow storm in two weeks. Of course, as the snow falls I can't help but wish I were in a warmer climate... like Africa!!! I wish we were there but we will be patient waiting. I'll have to laugh if we end up there this summer, or early fall, when it is blistering hot here. Oh well... perhaps God does not want Buster and I to get sick due to rapid climate changes that could be shocking to our system. :)

No word from anyone in Rwanda about our process. Our caseworker is going to check on things next week and let us know, but we are not expecting to hear much for awhile.