Time in Kigali Rwanda

Thursday, May 21, 2009

prayer request

So.. our documents are in DC and getting approved at the US State Dept today. I also called the embassy (where they go next) and the secretary was not sure if they would have time to process them by Friday but she would see. So... please pray that they will! If they can be approved by Friday then they can be back in Rwanda where they need to be by next Wed. If not then the government offices are closed and we are looking at another week of delay. So... please pray for FAVOR. I am hoping our courier has a nice winning smile :) and can effectively plead our case. If not, we are pretty used to delays now so what's one more week :( Ugggh!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Had to redo some documents today... its a long frustrating story... but the bottom line is it will cost us another 500 dollars in fees and shipping to get three silly documents to Rwanda sometime next week. These documents are an update and a new form. Our agency was hoping that they would grandfather our dossier in since its been there since March, but oh no... no exceptions. Gotta do them. Please pray for our dossier. That these three docs get there next week as expected and that the ministers office decides that our 3 month wait is long enough and we should be swiftly approved once these new docs arrive. Ughhh.

Monday, May 18, 2009

while we're waiting

So the weather is finally gorgeous here in SD. 80 degrees feels so much nicer than the teens we had most of the winter. I went for a run today to clear my head and even got a little sunburned... NICE!

Not much to report on the adoption front. We updated some medical forms last thursday as a precautionary measure and emailed them to our caseworker to take to the ministers office in Rwanda. We have been waiting for an approval there for a little over two months and are hoping to hear something in the next two months. This weeks sound like a perfect week for an approval to me but God's timing is perfect so we will wait.

In the meantime we went to Montana this weekend with our small group to work on a building project for some friends who have a non-profit there. It was beautiful and so good to get away for a weekend. This couple is so inspiring and has done so much for so many. They have started an NGO in Africa this year and part of our work was helping with that. Their project is called Look Development and if you are interested you can access it from their blog at lookdevelopmentethiopia.blogspot.com. This couple also has adopted children from Africa and it was so good to hang out with them and play. Kindof satisfied a piece of the longing in my heart for a bit. :)

Please stand with us in prayer for an approval from the ministers office. We are getting anxious to meet our beautiful baby(s).

Enjoy your summer weekend!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Monday

Well... I was really hoping to hear some good news, like an approval, today but nope its just another Monday. Not that we don't have a million things to do right now to keep us busy but I would love to be waiting for a referral from the orphanage right now instead of an approval from the minsters office in Rwanda (1st approval... then referral... then pass court... then travel to pick up baby(s)). Oh well.

Mothers day was nice. The kids woke me up with scrambled eggs and toast then off to Church, then a bike ride with my family and my brothers family, then my husband let me be mostly lazy by reading and eating the nachos he made me. What a fella!

Really looking forward to next year when I have at least three kids to wake me up in a mothers day chorus. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thinking of baby(s)

No news from Rwanda... but that doesn't mean Buster and I aren't thinking of the baby(s) all the time. More and more every day in fact. Especially when we know people who are there meeting their child for the first time... it makes the yearning that much stronger!

We are going through some difficult times in our homelife right now... someone asked me the other day if perhaps we shouldn't consider postponing the adoption. Another good... and pregnant friend phrased it well when she said that asking us to halt our process right now would be like asking her to abort her child in the third trimester. I told my husband that that was a great way to put it. I feel as though we are in our third trimester and the emotions and feelings are getting stronger as our meeting day draws closer. There are a lot of things I wouldn't mind sacrificing right now... bringing my baby(s) home is not one of them.

So... no news from Rwanda... as far as we understand our paperwork continues to sit in a pile of about six families waiting for approval (I think ours is somewhere in the middle). Our paperwork has officially been there for one month this week and we sort-of expect to wait at least another month before we get an approval to adopt via the government there... it could be longer. We continue to pray for God's Soverign plan which includes his timing and his provision for all things in our life.

Also pray for the Greers who are in Rwanda working on details to get their beautiful baby boy Myles home. They need some very important paperwork to pass so that they can travel home and prayers are most important for them!!

Until next week...