Time in Kigali Rwanda

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

reality by the moment

Well this process is getting more and more real with each passing day. Today I am scheduling appointments for our family to get travel vaccines which need to take place about six weeks, minimum, before travel. Just a few more months (hopefully that's all) and we will have a new baby in our home to love and adore! We cannot wait! :)

Last night we sat around a firepit in our backyard and each member of our family took turns praying for baby sister. Kelton (my oldest) is sooo cute. He has the most wonderfully sincere prayers for his baby sister. He prayed that she would be safe, and that Jesus would hold her in his hands until we can come for her, and that the mosquitoes wouldn't bite her. :) He will make such a great big brother to a baby girl!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what is meant to be

So I am a tiny bit of a control freak... I just simply like to have a plan and have the plan go as planned. With adoption, of course, nothing ever goes as planned. And quite frankly 2009 has really been a year of dealing with the unexpected for us. So, it is of no surprise that God's adoption plan for us right now is just one child. For whatever reason the minister's office only approved us to adopt one baby girl. We requested two, our homestudy noted our desire for two, and all along we have been communicating back and forth with the powers that be about getting two. However, despite our written requests the approval only came back for one. We are not sure what the reasoning was, or is, or why. This whole process has been difficult, challenging, and full of unexpecteds. But... we are glad, joyful, grateful and elated that God is in control and if one child is His plan for our family right now than we will love that child with enough fervor for a thousand. Perhaps a sister for our baby girl is meant to be... someday... and only God knows the who or when that will happen. If it is not this time, this year, then that is ok with us.

Our approval letter noted that we should have notice of a match in two months or so. Hopefully, by the middle to end of October we will have a picture of baby girl Vincent. After the match we go through court and then can travel which might... might mean a trip to Rwanda around Thanksgiving. We'll see...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Letter is here

Got our approval letter this morning. Hip Hip Hooray! Yeah and congrats to other families who also received good news!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well 1 year has passed since we began our paperwork, 7 months since we submitted our dossier, over 5 months since our dossier hit the desk of the minister's office in Rwanda, 1.5 months since the minister said they finished reviewing our file and would email us a letter so we could move on to the next phase of the process, which we are still waiting for.
Ironically part of the reason we ultimately choose Rwanda was becuase it seemed a little bit faster than other countries and we really wanted to make a home for a couple of sweet baby girls as quickly as possible. We have officially waitied longer than most of our friends who have adopted from the US or Ethiopia. I'm also pretty sure we've been at this longer than anyone else that's adopting from Rwanda right now from what simple blog-o-spher research I've done. (not that we are comparing too much... though its hard sometimes not to. :) )
But, it is obviously not our time yet and we are gonna keep smiling, praying, hoping, and waiting. I cannot wait for those families who will soon meet their children... I am also anxious for those of us in que waiting for approval letters... hopefully the bright side of the extra waiting might be the ability to travel alongside another family or two. That would be fun!

Keep prayin for us... all of us waiting for news... the wait can be awfully daunting and tedious and we need Jesus to hold us up once in a while. :)

Every day we get a little bit closer to God's chosen day of meeting our beautiful baby(s)... that I can be sure of!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

colorado and update

This weekend we took a quick trip to Colorado and checked out colorado springs. Went to Garden of the Gods and the Air Force Academy etc. Sunday was Waterworld in Denver and the kids were absolutely exhausted after a full day of water fun.

I do not have anything too exciting to report on the adoption front. I had emailed the ministers office last week to let them know that our email address would be changing at the end of this week and got a response from her that confirmed the change and said our "file is being analyzed and we would get a response soon." I think this is a pretty typical response though... That same office reported over a month ago that our file had already been processed and we would get a letter in a few days. So we wait some more :) I know the minister's office is busy. I'm sure a letter will come, eventually. :)

We have officially been at this for a year, we started our initial paperwork this same time last August. Definiately did not think we would still be waiting for an approval from the government a year later but it is what it is.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

lemonade stand

It's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally week here in the Black Hills. Lots of bikes, leather and NOISE.
Kelton is going to set up a lemonade stand today and take donations for the adoption.
He is sooo excited.
I will take some pictures and post in the coming days.

No adoption news. Would love to hear something soon, but not holding our breath.