Time in Kigali Rwanda

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

finally... an update

Life is CRAZY! I apologize fo the lack of updates. I am teaching 5 college classes and taking 2 so between that and making face time with my sweet Espy and awesome boys a priority, blogging is on the low end of my priority spectrum. Here are some new updates. Espy is doing awesome. She has been sick a couple of times with local "bugs" i.e. respitory infection and stomach flu. But has a great attitude, and loves people. She is definately attached. And she HATES to sleep. She screams often and loud when naptime rolls around. She is also a really light sleeper which we are making concessions for. The boys continue to roughhouse with her and she continues to giggle the whole time! Right now she is pulling all of our paper plates and tupperware out of the drawer and onto the floor.... testing her exploratory skills. She hasn't said any words except for an occassional daday and mamamamam. She likes my brothers lab Gibbs (might say bibbs once in awhile). She is good at pointing for things she wants, throws fits when she cannot feed herself (independent child!), and continues to have massive diapers... peee yewww!
Grandma Peggy was out this week for a few days (good timing since she would have had to be home sick with her respitory thing!) Now she is spoiled and needs to be held all the time :) ha ha.
She misses Grandma Betty! Hope to see her again soon. The above pictures show her hair getting long enough put in mini pigtails... She is hugging her new baby gifted by Buster's aunt Patty... it is sooo cute! She loves it and it already needs a bath from all the Espy hugs :)
Hope everyone reading this is awesome.
P.S. I might be changing our blog over to our family blog... LifeofVincents.blogspot.com so future updates may be there instead.