Time in Kigali Rwanda

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A new post, and prob the last

Not sure that anyone is following this blog anymore, but just in case I thought I would post an update.

So much has happened since my last post. We had a long winter with Espy being sick several times but then summer came and things turned around fairly well.

I have been consumed with trying to write my dissertation before we move, yes move, to Iowa.
I took a position at a college in Iowa and we are in the process of relocating. Moving truck comes a week from today and then we will be adjusting to life in southern Iowa. Looking forward to making some new friends and starting a new position there.

Espy is doing great. Growing well. She does have some health issues that will likely persist for some time, if not lifetime, (according to the Drs.) but with proper care she will thrive. She is learning new words all the time. It is so fun to hear her say dadda, delton, and oli... I think they love to hear it as much as I do!

This will probably be my last post indefinetly (until I effectively convince Buster to adopt again anyway!) I am not very good at Blogging and need to spend as much time watching my kiddos grow as I can squeeze in. I do frequent facebook though, so if you are there feel free to befriend me :)