Time in Kigali Rwanda

Monday, March 23, 2009

Flying to Rwanda

Buster and I are not flying to Rwanda... yet.. but our paperwork is!!! So, within the next 36 hours or so a picture of our family, along with our entire book of personal paperwork, will be hand delivered to the minister of family promotion in Rwanda. Hopefully things are running smoothly in their office and they can approve our file without too much delay. (although we are pretty used to delays at this point and if they happen they happen :) ). We've seen families get approval from the ministers office in as quick as three weeks and as long as three months, so we really have no idea about time frame. Once they approve our file then the orphanage gets to match us with children. Once they find a match they have to do various health tests etc., which can take a few weeks. Once all of that is completed they will send us our referral with pictures. When we accept the referral we have to then pass court (a lawyer will represent us) in Rwanda, and will travel a couple weeks later to get our baby(s).
We are so excited that our family picture is flying to Rwanda and look forward with great anticipation to getting to fly there ourselves... hopefully within the next 3-6 months!


ashley smith said...

Our dossier was approved and mailed TODAY! Maybe they got on the same flights :). That would be amazing if we were in Rwanda at the same time...what a blessing!

Jennifer said...

I came across your blog on the Gladney website. My husband and I adopted from Ethiopia last year and we are planning to adopt again...while we think it will be from Ethiopia. We can't stop thinking about Rwanda. I will keep following your blog and would love to chat via email about your experiences thus far. I hope the road to your babies is short and straight from here on out!