Time in Kigali Rwanda

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We made it

Well it was a whirlwind the last severl days. We started in a car, driving to denver on Saturday. My dear friend Kristen gave us a ride on Sunday to the airport. Our flight was delayed due to snow but we made it and then got up at 5 to leave DC via Ethiopian airways... Got there and the flight was delayed over two hours. Got on an overcrowded cramped plan and endured the forever flight that included an extra stop. Thought we missed our connection to Rwanda but that plane was also delayed two hours. After a stop between Ethiopia and Rwanda we finally made it!!! As soon as we got here we headed straight for the ministers office praying they were still open to issue our travel letter so that we could go pick up Espy and not have to return her for the night. God was with us!!! The right two people hadn't left yet for the day and we signed for the document that allowed us to go pick up Espy and not have to take her back!
Then we stopped at the hotel to dump our immense amount of luggage and reload those items to be delivered to the orphanage. (Two suitcases of shoes, formula, and children's medicine)... Buster and I both freshened up a bit and dashed to the car to get to the orphanage before they closed visiting hours.

We made it... waited in a tiny room for ten minutes and then saw the most beautiful nun carrying the most beautiful Rwandan baby straight for us!

Everyone was amazed at how well she took to us... I think God has been working in our spirits since before we knew it :) She was tired though and fell asleep after only an half hour in my arms. As I type this she is still sleeping soundly in our bed at the hotel. Buster is crashed as well and I should be... I'm super tired, but my spirit is dancing at the miracles of God!

Please pray for Espy... even though things seemed well today this is such a tramatic change in her world. Everyone and everything she has known for the last 14 months changed in an instant and will never be the same. I cannot imagine the emotions and feelings that will consume her in the next days weeks and months as she processes all of this... Even though she won't be able to communicate with us I am certain there will be feelings of loss, confusion, fear, etc. etc. Pray that our Lord will give her peace that only he can and that Buster and I will have the wisdom we need to parent this gift in a way that honors her past and gently leads her through her future.

Blessings all. Thanks for your prayers thus far! Sooo sorry... I tried and tried to get a picture to upload but it wouldn't cooperate. Hopefully tomorrow will work better.


Betty&Andy said...

She's in your arms. Wow ,what a pic ! We were on blog @ 12 our time and just talking of what time is in Rwanada and up comes the picture !! You are blessed ,now the god lord needs to get you home ! we will bring the boys in to see picture of "SIS"after school. All is well her, been snowing all morning here.
love & hugs Mom & Dad

rarmatisfurr said...

Yay! You're there! Sending you, Buster and Espy our love! See you in Rwanda soon. It's about time for Espy and Elsa to have a playdate :)

xoxo Rebecca

KLTTX said...

Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous. I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly.

Alwys Shoppin said...

It's 5 AM in Rwanda right now, wondering if your baby is still sleeping? I hope you have a great day today - you are missing a blizzard back home! Give her kisses from the Swanson's!!

Allie said...

She's beautiful and you look so happy! How wonderful to have her in your arms! I'm so excited for you.