Time in Kigali Rwanda

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just starting the process

Hello everyone. Buster and I decided to set up a blog to keep all of you updated on how the process is coming along. We are working with a great agency, The Gladney Center for Adoption, to help us in the process. We are nearly completed with the paperwork phase of our process, and just have a few letters to collect and then the bulk of our work is complete. We still have to wait for the home study report to get finished, approved and set to the government agency that will put it with a bunch of other paperwork and fingerprints we have filed to officially approve us for adoption. It seems likely that this phase of home study and government approval will take a month or more. Which means the middle to end of November by the time we have a green light to adopt.... officially. The next phase will be getting documents authenticated for our dossier (the paperwork that goes to Africa). After that is finished, then the paperwork goes abroad and we wait... and wait... and wait. Hopefully not too long, but there are a lot of unknowns right now so we will have to see how the process moves along.

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