Time in Kigali Rwanda

Saturday, November 1, 2008

names and update

Just heard from our agency that our home study report is complete. Now they just need to "officially" complete our file and transfer it to another department to help with the dossier (the paperwork that goes to Africa).

In the meantime we have been watching some not-so-entertaining training videos, although there is lots of valuable information in them, and checking out baby names.. which is a fun process!!! :)

And.. now I am always wondering if she, or shes, have been born and if so what they look like, if they're healthy, when we'll get to meet them etc. etc. Sooo much to think about! I can't wait for our lives to change in this way!


Erin said...

Alisha -
I just saw your comment on my blog; I am so happy for you about your adoption(s) and I am excited to keep up with your blog!

Ryan said...

Hey Vincents -
My wife and I are just beginning the process to adopt from Rwanda. It seems we are a few months behind you so I am excited to see how the process works for you. We are using America World instead of Gladney, but I am familiar with Gladney. You can check out our progress here http://racksadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself so you didn't think we were just stalkers!
God bless,