Time in Kigali Rwanda

Friday, April 3, 2009


Well it is snowing again here in South Dakota. Today will mark are third major snow storm in two weeks. Of course, as the snow falls I can't help but wish I were in a warmer climate... like Africa!!! I wish we were there but we will be patient waiting. I'll have to laugh if we end up there this summer, or early fall, when it is blistering hot here. Oh well... perhaps God does not want Buster and I to get sick due to rapid climate changes that could be shocking to our system. :)

No word from anyone in Rwanda about our process. Our caseworker is going to check on things next week and let us know, but we are not expecting to hear much for awhile.

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Jen said...

we're praying for you vincent family!!! we're so excited that you're in the home stretch! jen and bill