Time in Kigali Rwanda

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

maybe by Christmas

Well... nothing new to report. We are still waiting for our approval letter from the minister and cannot do anything without it. Even though they reported finishing our file a month ago we still cannot begin to work with the orphanages until it is official. Things seem to be taking so much longer than when we started this process last summer so at this point I am hopeful that we can travel to get babies by Christmas... it would be nice to be there for my birthday in November but at this point that might be pushing it. On the bright side winters in SDak are freezing so a sidetrip to Africa then might be nice.

So, we wait...

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Greers said...

Alisha--I am so so so so sorry that you are still waiting. :( I am also sorry that I didn't get back to you--I got hit with a NAAAASTY virus that left me really ill for about 10 days... but am back to full speed ahead now :)