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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Sacrifice

Here's a quick story that might just make you smile.
Last week my just-turned-seven year old son was scheduled to go on a field trip with some friends to a nearby waterslide park. The outing was going to cost us around $30 for entrance fees and food etc. The night before we were packing his stuff and he informed us that he wanted to stay home the next day. We, of course, thought he was feeling ill or something but then he informed us that he wanted to stay home so that we could put that $30 into the "bank to get his baby sister(s)" Buster and I were thoroughly impressed! We thought he might change his mind the following moring but he insisted that that money be saved to bring his sister(s) home. I was a proud mamma!

Speaking of adoption. Nothing new to report. The person in charge there reportedly had been and might still be on leave for awhile so nothing is being done. I doubt we will get our approval letter this week.

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