Time in Kigali Rwanda

Monday, December 28, 2009

Here's to 2010

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year!


Jim and April said...

beautiful picture!

rarmatisfurr said...

love the photo and love you guys! hope the adjustment is going well. you're welcome in chicago at any time. happy new year! xoxo rebecca

Laurel Greer said...

YEAHHHHHHH Alisha!!! This is a beautiful picture! Cannot wait to talk to you when you settle in!!!! You have one ADORABLE daughter!

teetee said...

Alisha, I pray that God continues to bless great people like you and your family. Don't know you but I thank God for you.

Cotillon G.

Ferguson Four! said...

Thanks so much for your blog! My husband and I are pregnant with baby #3 but we feel the same way you guys do. We are done having our own after this one and want to adopt. We are also considering Rwanda. We are missionaries serving in Kenya but we've found out that it's near impossible to adopt here as the courts have made it very difficult. We were told by a friend that we should consider Rwanda. So it was great reading your story. What an encouragement your family is! Thanks so much!

Adrienne and Jonathan Ferguson