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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

colorado and update

This weekend we took a quick trip to Colorado and checked out colorado springs. Went to Garden of the Gods and the Air Force Academy etc. Sunday was Waterworld in Denver and the kids were absolutely exhausted after a full day of water fun.

I do not have anything too exciting to report on the adoption front. I had emailed the ministers office last week to let them know that our email address would be changing at the end of this week and got a response from her that confirmed the change and said our "file is being analyzed and we would get a response soon." I think this is a pretty typical response though... That same office reported over a month ago that our file had already been processed and we would get a letter in a few days. So we wait some more :) I know the minister's office is busy. I'm sure a letter will come, eventually. :)

We have officially been at this for a year, we started our initial paperwork this same time last August. Definiately did not think we would still be waiting for an approval from the government a year later but it is what it is.

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