Time in Kigali Rwanda

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what is meant to be

So I am a tiny bit of a control freak... I just simply like to have a plan and have the plan go as planned. With adoption, of course, nothing ever goes as planned. And quite frankly 2009 has really been a year of dealing with the unexpected for us. So, it is of no surprise that God's adoption plan for us right now is just one child. For whatever reason the minister's office only approved us to adopt one baby girl. We requested two, our homestudy noted our desire for two, and all along we have been communicating back and forth with the powers that be about getting two. However, despite our written requests the approval only came back for one. We are not sure what the reasoning was, or is, or why. This whole process has been difficult, challenging, and full of unexpecteds. But... we are glad, joyful, grateful and elated that God is in control and if one child is His plan for our family right now than we will love that child with enough fervor for a thousand. Perhaps a sister for our baby girl is meant to be... someday... and only God knows the who or when that will happen. If it is not this time, this year, then that is ok with us.

Our approval letter noted that we should have notice of a match in two months or so. Hopefully, by the middle to end of October we will have a picture of baby girl Vincent. After the match we go through court and then can travel which might... might mean a trip to Rwanda around Thanksgiving. We'll see...