Time in Kigali Rwanda

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

reality by the moment

Well this process is getting more and more real with each passing day. Today I am scheduling appointments for our family to get travel vaccines which need to take place about six weeks, minimum, before travel. Just a few more months (hopefully that's all) and we will have a new baby in our home to love and adore! We cannot wait! :)

Last night we sat around a firepit in our backyard and each member of our family took turns praying for baby sister. Kelton (my oldest) is sooo cute. He has the most wonderfully sincere prayers for his baby sister. He prayed that she would be safe, and that Jesus would hold her in his hands until we can come for her, and that the mosquitoes wouldn't bite her. :) He will make such a great big brother to a baby girl!!!


Allie said...

Hi there! I found your blog through another adopting-from-Rwanda blog - and we're doing it too! Thanks for posting about your journey. We're a long ways behind you (working on the home study now), but oh so eager (read: impatient but trying not to be) for the day we get to hold our sweet baby (babies?).

Nice to meet you - hope it all goes well and fast!


Adrianne Thompson said...

so sweet! we're still waiting for our approval letter but hopefully it will be coming really soon!

Heidi said...

Hi Vincents!
I just had to comment on the picture of the two Rwandan girls on your blog. I saw that same picture today in the genocide memorial. They were sisters and were macheted to death during the killings in 1994. I couldn't stop crying when I realized where I had seen that picture before.
Hope all is well. Love from Rwanda,
The Limmers

Jamie said...

Hi! I found your blog as I have been searching famlies who are adopting from Rwanda as we are doing the same. Our paperwork got into Rwanda the first part of August. We are just waiting for the letter to say we are approved!
Glad to find your blog. Can't wait to follow your adventures.