Time in Kigali Rwanda

Saturday, September 12, 2009

chip in

You'll see we've added a new widget to our blog... many people have been asking about doing a fundraiser etc. etc. for the rest of our adoption. God has blessed us tremendously to be able to cover a lot of expenses through our own hard work and generous friends and family. We have just a little bit left on our tab at the agency and then travel for three :). If you have a paypal account chip in is a really easy way to make donations that are safe and secure with funds being deposited directly into our account. (And you get a receipt! :) )
We thought this would be a nice, no pressure way for people to give if they want to.

Thanks all!!!


Marissa said...

Greetings! I have come upon your website while in the beginning stages of researching a possible adoption of a baby girl from Rwanda as well. I am a fellow christian woman (and a pastor's kid) who has felt God calling my husband and I to adopt from Rwanda after a struggle with infertility. Both of my parents travel frequently to Africa to minister the good news of Jesus and I have always had a heart for the people and children of Africa! I was wondering if we could converse sometime via email (privately) to talk about where I would even start. There is a ton of information out there and I want to make the first step! Blessings to you, and my husband and I will be praying for your family!

Vincents said...

would love to chat. feel free to sent me your email and I can connect with you.

Marissa said...

Good Morning Alisha!

Thank you so much for replying! My email address is ( cokegal0804@yahoo.com). I would LOVE to chat with you as well!

Marissa :-)

Jamie said...

Hi- I was wondering how you found your widget for the donations. I was very interested in adding one to my blog to help out with our Rwanda (and China) adoption.
I hope you don't mind me asking!