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Monday, September 7, 2009

old news, new house, and no news

We are back in the swing of things for another fall. Kelton started school a week and a half ago and Oliver starts tomorrow. These pictures are of Kelton's first Day, Oliver's 5th Birthday Party and Buster's baptism. My husband has gone through an incredible transformation over the last year and it has been humbling to watch as God has turned him into a man that I almost cannot recognize from a year ago. He is different... in a great way... and he decided to have our church baptism him as an adult as a testimony to all God has done for him in the last year. (He was baptised as a child but decided to do this as an adult as a proclamation of his faith too.)

We also moved in the last three weeks. Actually this was our second move in the last six months but I never said anything on blog-o-sphere because I new our prior move was temporary and we wanted to wait till we were here in order to update our homestudy (which we will do this week or next and get it off to our POA in Rwanda). Our new home is a rental... and probably temporary as well. We actually own 5 acres of land close to where we are now that we will build on if we stay in Spearfish... although my husband loves it here and I don't think any of us would mind staying where we are for a while.

Our home-for-now is a turn of the 20th century farm house that was an original stage coach stop before SD was even a state. It sits on 1300 acres with a pond, creek, cows, barn, fire-pit, frogs (which the boys love) amazing views, and even a clothes line! I grew up on a farm so it kind of feels homey to me. :) The exterior could use some paint but the interior is well maintained and kept up. All in all it works! And we like it! Some friends of ours own it and were glad to have us move in till we're ready to build.

I am getting a crib from a relative soon and look forward to decorating our baby girl's room. I've been sort of waiting till we get our referral so that I can customize to some extent.

No other adoption news... we'll be working on our home study update in the next couple of weeks and will get travel vaccines next week too. Hopefully we will get a referral before my birthday Nov. 3rd! :)

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Regan said...

Hi there,
I am also in process to adopt from Rwanda, but am not as far along in your process. We said in our home study "applying for one but open to two biological siblings". Our 171 said we were approved for 2, which I assume yours did, too. I guess I'm just commenting to say I'm sorry that you didn't get two little girls, and am excited to see what God will do in your sweet family.