Time in Kigali Rwanda

Monday, February 16, 2009

hoping for tomorrow

We've been waiting to hear from the Rwandan embassy for a couple of weeks now regarding whether or not we need to have documents authenticated at the state level. The person in charge of processing at the embassy in DC has been replaced and the new person is suppossed to be checking on whether or not Rwanda has decided to change their policy and require the state level authentication. For now, he thinks that it is not their policy to require it... which would be great news for us, saving us time and money. However, since he is new he wants to do some double checking and make sure the policy is not going to change. If anyone out there reads this post in the next 24 hours please please please pray for favor for us. We really really want them to give our dossier the green light without having to backtrack, especially since our dossier has been there for five weeks now and this is suppossed to only be a two week process. If he comes back tomorrow and says its ok then they will issue our non objection letter and the dossier can go to Rwanda without further delay... if not.. then we will be sad and have to do more work and wait longer. So.... please please please pray for this process. I know it seems like a small detail but it is pretty important. Thanks all!!!


ash said...

We will be praying for you guys! Crazy love is a great book..it just might change your life :)

Natalie said...

I am new to your blog. I found it through Gladney's website. We used them for our Guatemalan adoption in 2006-2007. I know it's late in the day on Tuesday but I wanted you to know that I sent up a prayer for your approval from the Rwandan government today! I know how HARD the wait and the paperchase are how your desperately do not want to take a step back in the process.

I am so happy Rwanda is open for adoptions. It is a ray of hope in the darkness and devastation that was left behind for the innumerable orphans of the genocide. I also read Immaculee's book and was so blessed by her faith. She has a new one out, I think it is called Led By Faith. I have not read it yet. Rwanda has been on my heart since I read the first book two years ago.