Time in Kigali Rwanda

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Unfortunately for Buster, I, and our kids, we are delayed again. But fortunately for us we live in the full understanding that God's timing is perfect and there are a million reasons, that we probably cannot even fathom, why our process keeps hitting road blocks. Only God knows... so all we can do is trust in His sovereignty.

The new processing person at the embassy had been going back and forth on whether or not they were going to change their policy and make families authenticate at the state level before they authenticate at the federal level. Today (after five plus weeks of waiting) they decided that they are going to require families to do this. This means we have to get our paperwork back, send it to the state, have them stamp our paperwork saying it is indeed from where we said it was from, send it back to the embassy, and then wait some more for them to approve it before it goes to Rwanda.

I shed a few tears (rare for me) but cannot stay sad or sorry for myself. As bad as I would like to control the situation I am somehow relieved that I cannot... and all I can do is be content knowing that I serve a God whos plans are perfect.


Heidi said...

Your attitude is so good! I have been struggling, asking God why in the world He would allow this process to be so slow, when He is the One who called us to this path. Thanks for your reminder of His sovereignty! Keep your chin up....this thing is going to happen one of these days.

ash said...

I know that this is frustrating for you all. But the authentication process is really very simple. Hopefully you live near your state capitol...if you do (mine was an hour drive), drive there and take them in to the Secretary of State. They will need just a little bit of time to authenticate all of the documents. Then you come back and you have them ready to send off again. If you mail them to the Secretary it can take weeks to get them back...so I suggest driving if you can. Best of luck! ash

Jen said...

Hey Vincents- thanks for the info on authenticating documents. I'm soo sooo sorry you hit such a road block. Thanks for giving us a warning. Since we're still waiting for USCIS approval, we have yet to have anything authenticated at the state level, or send to embassy in DC. I think we will do what the person "ash" who commented on your blog said and drive everything to harrisburg when we get to that point. our families live there so we can visit! We are NOT using an agency so our internet/blog friends are making all this possible! Thanks for your help & God Bless you! Jen & Bill

Knotty Britta said...

Throughout our whole process I have been struggling with the control/let God do it thing too.

We hit a major block though, the agency said that Rwanda would probably not accept us since they have no rules and get to do whatever they want so we can't do the program :( It's Ethiopia for us. We're sad too, but happy that it can still happen.