Time in Kigali Rwanda

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No news... waiting again

Called the caseworker today. She did NOT get a call or email from the person at the Rwandan embassy in DC, as expected. (Good thing we are used to things not going as expected by now! :) She said she would call first thing in the morning to see if he is reviewing our file and what happens next. Keep praying!

Meanwhile Congrats to the Greer family on their approval from the ministry in Rwanda! Hooray! We're hoping for a quick referral, court date, and travel time for them!

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elizabeths said...

Muraho! (Hello in Kinyarwanda) We are writing to cheer you on, to offer a big hug and ourselves as prayer partners and cheerleaders! Do not give up! (We are the family who has adopted 3 children from Rwanda through Gladney and have had the privilege of helping Gladney get established in Rwanda.) Don't give up! The tears flow as you wait, but when you're crying for Rwanda, your heart becomes bonded to theirs! We know you are doing this already, but may we humbly encourage you to continue to use this time to pray for Rwanda, to allow your heart to love Rwanda and it's people...and your children. The God of the universe sees your disappointment and loves your children. (Oh, don't mean to offer cliches when there is real pain in waiting...we intend to offer real hope!) Someday the waiting will seem short when you have your children in your arms! Gladney is wonderful. We're praying for you! May everyone who reads this adopt from Rwanda!