Time in Kigali Rwanda

Monday, February 23, 2009

pray for quick turnaround

So the dossier is back from the Rwandan embassy in DC and in the hands of our caseworker in Texas who has promised to overnight it to SD and TX Sec. of States office for authentication (our paperwork was done in SD and has to be authenticated there, but there are two docs completed by our agency in TX and those have to be authenticated by TX). Lucky for us SD is super fast and will have the envelope back to our caseworker by Wed. But, please pray that the turnaround in TX is as fast. If they were quick we could have the dossier back in DC by Friday (although realistically it will be more like Mon. or Tues.) The person in DC who processes said he would give our case priority since we have had this six plus week delay now... but we'll see. God is good and we are just thankful that we get to do this in order to one day hold our new family members.

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Jen said...

move that dossier through the paperwork shoot like a greased pig on a slip-and-slide. (that's supposed to be fast!!!) good luck & God Speed vincents!! jen and bill