Time in Kigali Rwanda

Monday, May 18, 2009

while we're waiting

So the weather is finally gorgeous here in SD. 80 degrees feels so much nicer than the teens we had most of the winter. I went for a run today to clear my head and even got a little sunburned... NICE!

Not much to report on the adoption front. We updated some medical forms last thursday as a precautionary measure and emailed them to our caseworker to take to the ministers office in Rwanda. We have been waiting for an approval there for a little over two months and are hoping to hear something in the next two months. This weeks sound like a perfect week for an approval to me but God's timing is perfect so we will wait.

In the meantime we went to Montana this weekend with our small group to work on a building project for some friends who have a non-profit there. It was beautiful and so good to get away for a weekend. This couple is so inspiring and has done so much for so many. They have started an NGO in Africa this year and part of our work was helping with that. Their project is called Look Development and if you are interested you can access it from their blog at lookdevelopmentethiopia.blogspot.com. This couple also has adopted children from Africa and it was so good to hang out with them and play. Kindof satisfied a piece of the longing in my heart for a bit. :)

Please stand with us in prayer for an approval from the ministers office. We are getting anxious to meet our beautiful baby(s).

Enjoy your summer weekend!!!

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