Time in Kigali Rwanda

Thursday, May 21, 2009

prayer request

So.. our documents are in DC and getting approved at the US State Dept today. I also called the embassy (where they go next) and the secretary was not sure if they would have time to process them by Friday but she would see. So... please pray that they will! If they can be approved by Friday then they can be back in Rwanda where they need to be by next Wed. If not then the government offices are closed and we are looking at another week of delay. So... please pray for FAVOR. I am hoping our courier has a nice winning smile :) and can effectively plead our case. If not, we are pretty used to delays now so what's one more week :( Ugggh!

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Praying! Thank you for your sweet encouragement. This journey can be quite the rollercoaster. I can't wait to see our families expand:)