Time in Kigali Rwanda

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Monday

Well... I was really hoping to hear some good news, like an approval, today but nope its just another Monday. Not that we don't have a million things to do right now to keep us busy but I would love to be waiting for a referral from the orphanage right now instead of an approval from the minsters office in Rwanda (1st approval... then referral... then pass court... then travel to pick up baby(s)). Oh well.

Mothers day was nice. The kids woke me up with scrambled eggs and toast then off to Church, then a bike ride with my family and my brothers family, then my husband let me be mostly lazy by reading and eating the nachos he made me. What a fella!

Really looking forward to next year when I have at least three kids to wake me up in a mothers day chorus. :)

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