Time in Kigali Rwanda

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The latest...

So.. our power of attorney took our updated documents to the minsters office today to add to our file. The minister told her that updating those docs is not what was holding up the approval (in other words... we could have been approved... pending the updates). So the good news is we were not technically being delayed because of the updates... the bad news is that we don't know why they are taking this long for approval... just is I guess. Our POA seems to think that we will be approved soon... whatever soon means :) I have NOOOO idea. Next week would be nice but it could fesibly be next month too. And so we wait.

Once again... after we get the approval... then the orphanage will match us with kids... then they will do the medicals on the kids before they give us a referral... then we accept... then we pass court... then we travel. Lots to go!

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