Time in Kigali Rwanda

Monday, June 1, 2009

Breathing again

I was thinking about it the other day and decided that each time we have to go back and redo or update paperwork and then resend it it kindof feels like we are holding our breath. It feels like we can't breath right until our paperwork is safely back in place where it should be. That's been the feeling for the last two weeks during this update to our medicals process... our paperwork sat at the US embassy for about a week and as of today is back in Rwanda. However, it is not at the ministers desk yet... it has just arrived at the FDX distribution center in Kigali and am am waiting for word from our POA there that she has picked it up and delivered it.

On another note, I was looking through our calendar today and remembered that it has been one year since we began this adoption journey. Although our first round of paperwork wasn't submitted to our agency until August we started exploring and making calls in June. The year went really fast in some regards and seemed like it drug on forever in others (i.e. waiting for papers to process!). I never imagined that we would only be to this point after this long but know that my timelines are never perfect anyway so I might as well be comforted by the knowledge that God is in control and has the times and dates worked out before we even started. :)

So... here we are... slowling exhaling as our paperwork gets back to the ministers office and we wait again for them to give the approval for adoption... so that then our children can finally be chosen for us and we can get a referral. I would love to hear good news this week... any good news... so am hopeful for that!

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