Time in Kigali Rwanda

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

not today

Well... every day I wake up thinking... maybe I'll get notice of an approval from the ministry today... and every day I am just a tiny bit dissappointed... or maybe a not-so-tiny bit. I was thinking maybe my post this week would read APPROVED. But Wednesday has nearly come and gone in Rwanda and I haven't seen anything. I know that the ministry's office has been really busy with events and I'm sure dossier approvals have not been on their priority list, (even though it's on mine :) ) So we continue to wait. God's timing... God's timing... (you would think that the more I remind myself of this the easier it would get :)

It's not that my family doesn't have a million distractions between house, jobs, kids, summer activities and more... but we still feel like part of us is missing and are anxious for news from Rwanda.

In the meantime Kelton is busy with machine pitch (he caught two pop flies and is doing great at bat); Oliver is busy recreating scences from Indian Jones all day; both are in our city's summer recreation program; I am teaching a class, taking a class, presenting workshops and seminars, and planning our small group summer activities;and Buster is figuring out how to provide for our growing family (not an easy task... but he does it well!)

I still need to plan a fundraiser too... we need to come up with about $4000. Any suggesstions would be GREATLY appreciated. :)


Froggprincess said...

I am a Tastefully Simple Consultant I do fundraisers all the time! Let me know if you are interested! I have 2 domestic adoptions, of 2 AA boys! Almost 3 and almost 1 month old.

Froggprincess said...

oops here is my webiste!
SHOP ONLINE: https://www.tastefullysimple.com/web/sadkins

Kelly said...

We are currently in the process of adopting from Rwanda (we just applied)! I have enjoyed reading your blog and wanted you to know that I have started a Twibe on Twitter for anyone who has adopted from Rwanda or is currently in the process. It will serve as a sort of "network" for all those Rwanda adoption families. Feel free to pass the link along to any other families you come across:

Just started a Twibe. Visit http://twibes.com/AdoptingfromRwanda . . . to join!

Blessings to you and yours as you journey down this road~ Kelly

Jen said...

Hi Vincents! I've been behind on Blogs and it looks like you're still waiting- we'll pray for your "quick" approval! We just mailed our final dossier off today- we got set back 2 months trying to get the "new" requirements done (guardianship form and updated medical form) But we're so happy to be back to waiting with you guys! God bless! Love, Jen Bill and Emilia Cropf

Greers said...

OHHHH I know--I feel your pain. That empty part of you that is aching for your child. We were SO busy as well--but nothing can distract a busy mama's heart from a child an ocean away!!!!