Time in Kigali Rwanda

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm not a fan of 9am

Well... it's 9 am here in the black hills, which makes it after 5pm in Rwanda, and we haven't heard anything about a referral. I would suspect that since the business day is over there and we have not heard anything that we probably won't today (although I would still love to!). Every day between 8 and 9 my time I am anxious... it's the small hour of time when our caseworker should be in her office receiving notification if there is any... and still within the business day in Rwanda. After 9 when I hear nothing I am sad :(

So... we continue to wait.


Alwys Shoppin said...

God doesn't have time-zones, patience Lish :)

ashley smith said...

I hear ya! I wake up every morning with great anticipation but then am sad when another day has passed us by. Soon, it has to be soon!


I'm glad I'm not alone- it's 10am our time that marks the threshold for receiving good news for the day. Standing with you!!!

Jen said...

I know, but at least I feel like friday is coming sooner! (i made a fake deadline in my head that we'll hear on friday;)
love jen and bill