Time in Kigali Rwanda

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prayers Please

Ok... so we've received good news this week. Our process is moving! Yeah! Meds are done and our caseworker in Rwanda is getting things lined up. We are hopeing for a referral next week... hopefully...

We do have a HUGE prayer request though. Things have gotten pretty time sensitive on our end and we really really really really really need to be back from Rwanda by January 6th. This means we have to get a really quick court date after we accept our referral... and really fast paperwork processing after our court date so that we can get travel docs lined up. I have accepted an offer to teach college classes three days a week (I've been waiting for this opportunity for the last three years... :)) And... if we cannot be back by Jan. 6th then I will miss this opportunity... If I can pull it off then this teaching position will likely turn into a full professorship next fall. So we really need to be home by then!

So pray for favor... pray against road blocks... pray for peace for me...


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