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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prayers for sister

This wait is hard. So hard. We received word today that our fingerprints will be expiring and we will have to make an appointment to get them redone. What this means is WE HAVE BEEN WAITING TOO LONG! (in my opinion of course... :) ) It takes 15months for fingerprints to expire... we thought this process would take 6-9 start to finish. Oh how I am hating being so wrong!

Well.. there have been great things that have come out of this process. Lots of valuable life lessons etc. The greatest thing will of course be her.

Each night the boys pray for our dinner. It is sooo cute to hear Oliver (5) pray for his baby sister at the dinner table. Tonight he prayed for "his baby sister that God would give her good food to eat and keep her safe and help her come home soon." Kelton's prayers for his sister are equally compelling. While I love to hear them pray for her my emotions also go crazy as my spirit agrees with their words and longs for her to be home...

Sigh.... soon, please let it be soon.

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4-more said...

See our latest post. Praying for you so much Alisha.