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Monday, October 12, 2009

not this week

So... we heard through the blogline (thanks Katie!) that the nuns at the orphanage have made matches for 12 families. Who Hoo!!! Praise Jesus and thank you nuns for your hard work! This is awesome, meaning our family has more than likely been matched with a child. Unfortunatelly we will not get our referral (pictures and information about her)this week. There is still some paperwork to process through the ministry's office at the government level and it could take some time. So we remain anxiously patient for news. Next week... possibily... a couple of weeks maybe. In the meantime we will pray that the minister's office has the manpower and time to finalize the referral information as soon as possible. Prayers please! :)

p.s. It's been 9 months since our dossier arrived in Rwanda... about 15 months since we started... who'da thought it'd take us a year and a half to bring this baby home!!!?? God has/is teaching us some pretty important lessons! :) We are thankful for all of it!

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Praying for you Vincents!