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Saturday, November 7, 2009

36 mile cool off

Ahhh.. ok... So my post 36 hours ago was a tad bit on the defensive side. Sorry. My mood was horrible until about 4 pm yesterday. I was simply exhausted from telling people we would probably hear something by the end of the week and then have to turn around and tell them it didn't happen, and I didn't know why.

This coupled with stress from inferential statistics homework I do NOT understand, getting ready for a conference in Colorado I leave for in the morning, sick family members, a rough week of teaching, lack of sleep, and exercise depravation left me really owly.

Anyway... sorry about being snippy. Thank you sister-in-law for convicing me to ride my roadbike with you 36 miles on a beautiful November afternoon to work off the agression. It worked. I felt much better and was able to block off 3 hours of time to think about how thankful I am for things... to gather my thoughts regarding the love of God... and to breath... in and out (or huffing and puffing at that time), and know that I can be confident in my Savior.

I still don't have any idea what's going on with our process... no expectations or estimations of when will will see her, hold her, bring her home. I'm still sad that it's taking so long and it might take longer than I want it to. But, I am at least more peaceful about it than I was yesterday.

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swannys4 said...

Your welcome!!! I knew you needed it!! I am always here for you!