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Friday, November 6, 2009

did not want to write this post

We were truly hoping to hear something today. No news though. I realize that it is early here (800am) but it is the end of business in Rwanda and we have no news. Not sure when it's coming... sad... I did not want to have to go through another weekend without information about our baby.

Time is quickly slipping by and I honestly don't know when we'll get information, when we will pass court, or when we will get to travel. We have a lot to do in January so the likihood of going then seems dim. I absolutely hate the idea that we have a baby that continues to develop without us.

Sorry for the depressing post but I am having a really hard time be optimistic today. If someone would have told me this would take two years when we started I would be fine.. but when people say 9 months max and you are now in month 16 the tug-of-war of emotions is ridiculous. If you have ever been pregnant or had a bilogical child, imagine how it would feel to go seven months over your due date.

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KLTTX said...

I am really sorry that you did not hear about your referral today. I am praying for all of the families waiting. Hoping that you get your referrals soon and the court date happens this month.