Time in Kigali Rwanda

Friday, November 13, 2009

Eliana Esperance Vincent

We did receive the official email this morning. So happy to have it! The color photo is much better than the black and white copy we had received third party.

Unfortunately I cannot post pictures on a public forum due to privacy issues until she is official ours... after we pass court.

We are sooo excited though. So many emotions going on. I got back from a long road trip to Colorado and had a million things to catch up on, but of course all I wanted to do was look at my baby's picture!

We are waiting for a couple of documents from the orphanage that we need for court and our attorney in Rwanda is working on getting a court date as soon as he can. Still praying for one in November... please join us in this prayer! After court documents will go to the Ministry of Justice in order to issue her a passport (this takes up to two weeks). During that time another set of documents will go to the Ministry of Gender and Family who will issue us a travel letter stating that we are her legal parents and are able to travel with her. Once those documents are done we will travel to Rwanda... So... we are looking at maybe three weeks after we pass court.

After Rwanda we fly to Ethiopia where she will get a medical check up and we will be interviewed in order to get her visa to come home.

So... if things come together with court and document processing we could be in Africa mid December... I'm checking on flights just to see how outrageous they are over the holidays. Yikes! :)


rarmatisfurr said...

rejoicing with you. eliana and elsa are keeping each other company right now :)

4-more said...

I can't stop thinking about her!!!!

Jamie said...

That is so exciting!!
I am hoping to get a photo of my baby sometime next week! YAY!!!

Good Luck with getting a quick court date!