Time in Kigali Rwanda

Thursday, November 19, 2009

court and travel

Our Court Date is Monday! Yeah! Please pray that there are no hiccups! We are making tenative travel plans for sometime between the 4th and 7th. Will confirm those dates after Monday. Two weeks to go and we will hold sweet baby in our arms.

P.S. We think she has been at the orphanage since she was 1 day old... Nuns call her Espy. Super cute.. we are thinking of keeping that name since she is so used to it. Maybe Eliana Esperance, Espy for short... or Esperance Eliana, Espy for short... still thinking about it. :)

Lots to do lots to do. Gotta finish all my homework and grading for the classes I teach before we leave, plus travel and arrangements for kids while we are gone. Aghhh... any help would be most appreciated! :)



Hooray!!! We are OVERJOYED for you- such great news and we LOVE her name:)

Alwys Shoppin said...

Not that her favorite aunt-to-be gets to decide, but I think she should be Esperance Eliana - everyone I tell her name absolutely loves Esperace and Espy!! So cute and so unique - just like you guys and her :) Love ya!!

4-more said...

that is GREAT Alisha!!!!! Just writing a note that's going in your croc box and it's being shipped tomorrow!!! SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!